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The ACCOBILITYTMproduct range was produced after a need was perceived for material of a more substantial nature for the teaching of Accounting to Gr 8- and Gr 9 learners.

The books contain explanations, examples, exercises and frameworks for the completion of the exercises.  Each book is both a workbook and a textbook - all in one.
Experience has shown that the use of these books, not only introduces learners to Accounting, but it also adequately prepares them for Accounting in Gr 10.

The author, Mr R.S. Kritzinger, has been teaching Accounting for 22 years to Gr 8 to Gr 12 learners and has a good record pertaining to the Accounting-results in the Matriculation exams.  The author has the following qualifications: BCom (Accounting), HED, B.Ed, M.Ed.

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